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Kosmonavta Komarova avenue, 38 a, 03065, Kiev, Ukraine

«Ceracarta S.p.A»  company (Italy) is at the market of medical supplies from 1960 and proved itself as a reliable European manufacturer of paper, gel, electrodes and other accessories for diagnostic equipment.

The supplies for medical equipment, which «Ceracarta S.p.A» company produces, are corresponded to all necessary standards of quality. Paper of their own production, is producing of raw materials of world leaders, such as «Mitsubishi». Impeccable quality printing paper for medical devices, highest quality gel for ultrasound, ECG, EEG electrodes and their reliability - for these qualities «Ceracarta S.p.A» brand is appreciated. The very these dignities as never before are important in medicine. Production of longtime leader is presented in a wide range of:

Paper for ECG

Paper for EEG

Paper for fetal monitors

Paper for laboratory equipment

Paper for video printers

Gels for ultrasound, ECG, EEG

Electrodes for ECG

Accessories for ECG, EEG and others.

Disposable mouthpiece for spirometer (spirograph)

Paper for Schiller Spirovit AT-10

Paper for Schiller Spirovit AT-10

Paper for monitor Corometrics 120/170, Bistos BT-350

Paper for monitor Hewlett Packard M1911A

Paper for Hewlett Packard M1711A

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