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Kosmonavta Komarova avenue, 38 a, 03065, Kiev, Ukraine

COMEN company is a leading Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment, participating in the development of medical equipment electrophysiological industry through constant research and application of technological innovations.

The company cooperates with many well-known international research centers and institutes.

The Company conducts in-depth research in the areas of electrocardiography, patient monitoring and parameters of life, constantly developing new revolutionary innovative technology solutions.

COMEN company develops and produces more than 30 kinds of modern systems of international class.

In the catalog of medical equipment of COMEN company includes patient monitors the series Star and C for adult and pediatric practice, the central monitoring system, monitors the mother and fetus (fetal monitors), anesthesia machines, syringes pumps and other examples of modern medical equipment.

The company has organized a wide network of sales and service centers worldwide service that allows you to quickly meet the needs and demands of customers.

For more information please contact us

For more information please contact us

For more information please contact us