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MIR - Medical International Research - was established in 1993 and it is now considered a global partner able to promote innovation and to be a landmark thanks to its advanced technology, software and Telemedicine application.The Company's mission has always been to develop highly innovative portable diagnostic devices for the global market, which are protected by international copyrights and patents.

MIR offers a wide range of products that function as minilabs capable of performing both Spirometry and Oximetry, including new diagnostic processes for sleep apnea. User-friendliness makes all our devices ideal for both specialists and family doctors.

Some pocket models are developed for patients Home Care use in Telemedicine services or for Clinical Trials. They are connected wireless to a Web based platform with wireless data transmission.

The MIR sales network is nowadays present in over 70 countries worldwide and the export share exceeds 75% of the total sales.

MIR cooperates through international projects with other researchers, doctors and experts in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and India. In 2009 MIR founded MIR USA Inc. as its American subsidiary based in Wisconsin.

With 18 years of activity in the global market, the highly specialized know-how consists of indepth knowledge of the respiratory flowmeter such as the "disposable turbine" of which MIR is a world leader.

MIR is a contributing member of the Continua Health Alliance organization, whose aim is to define standards of interoperability and to harmonize the activities with government agencies, for the use of medical devices.

Полностью автономный спирометр (спирограф) c пульсоксиметрическим датчиком, оснащенный встроенным термопринтером и большим LCD дисплеем высокого разрешения.


Disposable turbine FlowMIR - unique patent MIR

Nose clip for application during spirometry.

Reusable mouthpiece for spirometer (spirograph)

Disposable mouthpiece for spirometer (spirograph)

Paper for  Spirolab III

Spirodoc – is an innovative and portable device with a touch screen that combines a spirometer (Spirograph) Pulse Oximeter (optional) and an accelerometer with motion analysis.

Spirobank G – is a portable spirometer (Spirograph) for use as portable as a standalone device or as a full spirometric lab when connected to a PC