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Mortara Instrument was established in 1982 on the foundation of home-grown innovation, knowledge, and skill. These very attributes have made the Mortara brand what it is today – market leaders in non-invasive cardiology solutions. Clinicians, researchers and OEM partners worldwide recognize that Mortara products represent ideal product solutions supporting the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease. With this comes a responsibility to deliver only the highest quality products to healthcare providers, a commitment which may help to yield better outcomes for patients across the globe. In order to consistently deliver such quality, Mortara remains dedicated to manufacturing our entire portfolio of products in the United States of America. That’s right, each and every product that leaves our corporate facility is “Built with Pride in Milwaukee.”

As we mark our 30th year of service to both the local Wisconsin and worldwide medical communities, the Mortara organization stands proud of this fact and remains fully committed to maintaining our rather unique position as one of the few remaining medical device companies whose manufacturing operations are based in the USA.

Efficiently designed, this device is ideal for practices where performance is essential but space is limited.

Durability and a full range of connectivity options make this electrocardiograph an obvious choice for hospitals, private practices, and clinical research.

A touchscreen interface combined with innovative features provides for a highly efficient electrocardiograph solution.

Comprehensive and scalable, this PC-based electrocardiograph system offers the best of both worlds; use as a standalone device or as a networked acquisition, storage and review station.

AM cable for EKG MORTARA - ELI 230, ELI 150c

WAM wireless cable for EKG MORTARA - ELI 230, ELI 150c