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The Alpha 10 is the flagship in the ProSound series of ultrasound systems, offering full versatility and superior image quality. Enhanced image quality ensures more accurate and efficient diagnosis while increasing patient satisfaction.        
The ideal choice for a large office or hospital imaging department, the Alpha 10 combines a 12 Bit A/D digital beam converter, high powered image processing channels and our exclusive probe technology to take examinations to the next level. Sophisticated beam control provides high resolution and penetration while minimizing image degradation, while user-oriented operability and ergonomics create the ideal environment for fast and accurate imaging and diagnoses.        
The Alpha 10’s Extended Pure Harmonic Detection is a digital pure beam-imaging platform that incorporates state-of-the-art acoustic technology that dramatically improves the clarity of the ultrasound beam formation and signal processing.


  • Ultimate Compounding Technologies        
  • Hemispheric Sound Technology PLUS (HST+) probes        
  • Extended Pure Harmonic Detection        
  • Pixel Focus in three directions to provide the sharpest and cleanest images possible        
  • Color Flow ,Power Flow, and Spectral Doppler        
  • Exclusive Color Flow features including Dual Dynamic Display and E-FLOW (Aloka-exclusive Extended Flow technology) to clearly define blood flow in organs and tumors        
  • HD-EFV (High Definition Extended File of View) provides a panoramic image of the entire anatomical structure.        
  • Real Time 3D with Multiplanar views and measurement capabilities.                    

Optional Features               

  • Volume Mode providing photo-realistic 3D imaging        
  • KI (Kinetic Imaging), providing endocardial time-motion history display        
  • SMA (Automated Segmental Motion Analysis) providing real-time endocardial segmental motion quantification        
  • Tissue Doppler imaging with comprehensive cardiac function evaluation,
  • Velocity ananlysis and Strain analysis        
    eTracking technology—a technique which precisely measures the stiffness of blood vessels        
  • FAM (Free angular M-Mode)       


  • 3D, 4D,
  • Abdominal,
  • Breast,
  • Cardiac,
  • Musculoskeletal,
  • OB-GYN,
  • Pediatric,
  • Small Parts,
  • Vascular