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 BCU-30Vet is a portable veterinary color Doppler ultrasound with superior image performance and diverse applications. Based on the advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design, it’s equipped with superior image quality, comprehensive functions, high cost effectiveness and mobility, which make it applicable to scans of different animals, for example farm animals, pets, etc. With this machine, we are capable to provide very comprehensive imaging system solutions.


  •     Applicable to scans of Equine, Bovine, Ovine, Swine, Feline, Canine, etc.
  •     Applicable to different diagnosis of Abdomen, Obstetrics, Cardiology, small parts, vascular, tendon, etc.
  •     Comprehensive probe options can meet different clinic demands.
  •     Powerful measurement software can provide comprehensive diagnostic bases.
  •     Smart design and mobility make it easy to carry.
  •     Built-in battery can support long-time outdoor diagnosis.
  •     Efficient workflow can provide easy and comfortable operation experience


  • 15" high definition LED monitor
  • Double Probes connectors
  • Backlight Control panel
  • 8‐segment TGC
  • Integrated 500GB Hard disk
  • Built‐in lithium Battery Supporting normal diagnosis up to 1.5 hours
  • Inverted Harmonic Imaging
  • Pseudo color imaging mode
  • Graph/text report function
  • DICOM Support
  • User defined exam settings

Pre‐Imaging Processing Advance:

               8‐segment TGC adjustment
               Frame correlation(0‐7)
               Edge enhancement ()0‐7
               Line density (High/Mid/Low)

Post‐Imaging Processing Advance:

               Gray scale (0‐14)
               Scan angle up to 150
               Left/right reverse
               Up/down reverse


Standard Configuration

    1*main unit;
    1*AC/DC Adaptor;
    1*3C6C Convex Probe;