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FarmScan L60


FarmScan® L60+ , considerate design for confortable, fast and reliable detection of pregnancy and gynecological diagnosis in difficult field conditions on a daily basis, and becomes the ideal scanner for all veterinary applications –bovine, equine, swine, ovine , Lama and small ruminants.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages


Integrated with professional veterinary software packages and exceptional ergonomic design, FarmScan® L60+ provides versatile solutions with the greatest ease of use for all veterinary ultrasound scanning.


Support wide range of multi-frequency transducers (Linear rectal – Linear AbdominalConvex – Micro-convex – Linear Probe for Backfat ),frequency from 2 Mhz~8.5 Mhz;


Delivers large-scale functionality and greater diagnostic confidence in professional and fast imaging of:


     1.full breeding of cows , mares and ewes (pregnancy detection in early stage, ovaries diagnostics ),


     2.tendons and horse’s equine eye ball,


     3.pathological mammary gland,


     4.objective assessment of condition of milk cows,


     5.other examinations conducted with the use of ultrasound technology, e.g. breeding in other animal species (swine, ovine, canine, fish, snakes, alpaca, lama, camels)


Ground breaking ergonomic design has been evolved to make it comfortable for day-long use in difficult field conditions on a daily basis

Durable and reliable probes come with 2m~2.5m long cable for ease of use and flexibility;


Rely on the high performance

BMV is committed to best-in-class image quality and easy optimization tools as good as a much bigger system. FarmScan® L60+ optimizes imaging precision via all digital technologies and ensures the reality and perfection of images.

Designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions;

Professional design for veterinary use, with 16 kinds animal body-mark, comments, OB table, diagnosis report;

an excellent LCD display with LED backlight, with a very wide viewing angle. And it can turn off when using Viewing options;

Composite Video (PAL&NTSC) support multiple viewing device such as I-Scan® Video Goggles and other LED/LCD monitor;

420~450frames cine loop and above 64 images storage, transmission of images to a computer via USB2.0;