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Chison Medical Imaging Co., one of the world's leading manufacturers for ultrasound systems. With its know-how of transducer design, strong technical force of modern biomedical engineering, software & electronics, CHISON has specialized in the development & manufacturing of high quality ultrasound systems for over 17 years . It has an annual production capacity of making 8,000 units ultrasound systems. It is ISO & CE certified by TUV in Germany.

Thanks to the advanced technology, user-friendly design, strict quality control & life-time after-sales service, it has become popular in 120 countries. Recently, it has won big tenders of over thousands of units from World Bank and United Nation because of its high quality & premium service. It has also won 815-unit tender from the Chinese government. Every year, we'll have the new models with the latest technologies, and we are confident to build the most affordable high-tech products and keep you stay on the leading-edge of ultrasound technology. 

•  1996      Founded by Mr.Mo,who was awarded as the National Expert by China government for his technology breakthrough in transducer technologies.

•  1997     We Launched 600 series ultrasound systems.

•  2002     Awarded CE certificate by TUV Germany.

•  2003      Launched 8300 digital ultrasound systems.

•  2004     Top 1 in export quantity of Chinese-brand ultrasound systems.

•  2005     The first company in China launched 3D BW ultrasound systems.

•  2006     Launched digital color Doppler systems.

•  2008     Expanded to new R&D center and head quarter, with total area of 7280㎡.

•  2009     Obtain FDA approval and CE certificate for full series of color doppler.

•  2011     The world’s first tablet color doppler ultrasound-SonoTouch.

•  2012     Set up R&D center in the Silicon Valley, USA 

•  2012     PassUS authority FDA on-site audit

•  2013    PassNK authority GMP of KFDA on-site audit


Ультразвуковой цифровой диагностический сканер Apogee 3300 SIUI объединяет в себе передовые электронные и диагностические технологии со удобным дружественным для пользователя интерфейсом. Он обеспечивает исследования широких спектров и достоверность клинического анализа.


Портативная ультразвуковая кардиологическая диагностическая система


Портативная Ультразвуковая Диагностическая система с Цветовым Доплером и с возможностью воспроизводить изображения в формате 4D


Система ультразвуковая диагностическая высокого класса для кардиологии

Система ультразвуковая диагностическая высокого класса для акушерства и гинекологии.